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Course Criteria Qualifications
Common Contents Nationality (1) Being a foreigner with neither parent being a Korean citizen.
(2) Completed all the educational courses conforming to those of Korea.
(3) Refugee of North Korea
Language Proficiency
(1) Level 3 in the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
(2) English Language Test (Choices)
  - TOEFL (Above PBT 550, Above CBT 210, Above IBT 80)
  - IELTS 5.5 이상
  - TEPS 550 이상
  - One Public Registered Language Proficiency Test conforming to the above requirements.
  - Documentation for proof of citizenship in an English Speaking Country.
Korean Language Course
New Admission Those who have a purpose of getting into an undergraduate course of Dongguk University after having passed Level 3 of Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)
New Admission 1st Year Those who have graduated from a regular high school locally or abroad.
Transfer 2nd Year Those who have completed their 1st year or more from a regular 4 years university locally or abroad.
3rd Year (1) A graduate or graduate-to-be from a 2nd or 3rd year from a regular vocational college locally or abroad.
(2) Those who have completed or are scheduled to complete the 2nd year or above of a 4 year regular university locally or abroad.
Graduate Course
New Admission (1) Those who have graduated (are scheduled to graduate) from a 4 years regular university (graduate course) locally or abroad, and have or are scheduled to have a bachelor’s degree (master’s degree for doctorate) or are recognized to have a conforming level of education.
(2) Those who have completed education courses abroad conforming to local education courses and have or are scheduled to have a bachelor (master) degree