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※ Regular Morning Courses and Special courses for TOPIK
※ Institution for the Test of Proficiency in Korean Language
※ Fully equipped with an ideal environment for education.
Grade Level Korean Language Proficiency
Beginner 1 • Can speak basic Korean and participate in daily conversations including,  introducing oneself, buying things and ordering food, being able to understand and describe familiar topics like oneself, family, hobby and weather.
• Can understand about 800 basic vocabulary and grammar and demonstrate it with simple sentences for daily dialogues.
2 • Can speak necessary daily conservation such as making a phone call and asking permission, and handle public places closely related to daily life such as going to the post office, or the bank.
• Can understand personal and familiar topics with phrases through a vocabulary of 1,500~2000 words
• Can use the language differently considering formal and informal situations.
Intermediate 3 • Do not have much difficulty in daily life and can perform fundamental language skills needed for using public facilities and building and maintaining social relationships.
• Can describe not only familiar topics in detail but also social topics by paragraph.
• Can understand fundamental characteristics of spoken and written styles and distinguish them.
4 • Can perform fundamental language skills needed in using public facilities and building and maintaining social relationships and can speak his or her opinion.
• Can understand easy stories and articles in media and newspapers.
• Have a relatively clear and accurate understanding of social and abstract matters and able to use them fluently.
• Can understand social and cultural issues and matters based on the comprehension of representative Korean culture and idioms.