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※ University with a ranking of 1% of International Eternal Quality Assessment Scheme
※ Prestigious University in top ten Korean Universities
※ Provides Foreign Students-oriented Programs and Education
※ Have high employment rate in Dongguk University in Gyeongju
□ New Admission/Transfer
College Category Majors
Buddhist Studies and Culture Humanities Buddhist Studies(Undergraduate), Buddhist Child Education and Care
Art Korean Traditional Music
Humanities Humanities Korean Language and Literature, Korean History, Archaeology and Art History, English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature
Art and Physical Arts, Social Physical Education
Natural Science Natural Science New materials and Chemistry, Medical Bioscience, Applied Statistics
Engineering Computer Engineering, Information Communication Engineering, Nuclear and Energy System Engineering, Mechanical System Engineering, Safety Engineering.
Natural Science Landscape Architecture, biomedical engineering
Social Science Humanities Public Affairs and Police administration, social welfare
Business Humanities Business Administration, Global Economic and Commerce, Hotel and Tourism Management.
PARAMITA University Humanities Undecided Major

□ Master and Doctor Degree
College Category Department Course Majors
Master Master+Doctorate Doctorate
Buddhist Studies
and Culture
Humanities Buddhist Studies Buddhist Theory, Buddhist History, Applied Buddhism, Seon Buddhism, Applied seon Buddism
Humanitites Humanitites Korean Language and Literature Korean Linguistics, Modern Korean Literature, Classical Korean Literature, Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language
Korean Language written in Chinese Characters Korean Literature Written in Chinese Characters
Korean History Korean History, Oriental History, Western History
Archaeology and Art History Archaeology, Art History
Art and Physical Arts Buddhist Art, Korean Painting, Western Painting, Culture and Molding Design, Visual Communication Design
Science Technology Natural Chemistry Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Statistics Statistics
Life Science Microbiology, Genetics, Animal Taxonomy and Ecology, Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology
Landscape Architecture Planning and Design, Design and Construction, Planting Design, Urban Landscape and Landscape Assessment.
Design and Construction, Planting, Urban Landscape and Landscape Assessment, Computerized Landscape Design and GIS
Biotechnology Natural Product Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Call Biology
Engineering Computer Science Computer Science
Safety Engineering Safety Engineering
Information Communication Engineering Information & Communication
Nuclear. Energy
System Engineering
Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Accelerator Engineering
Social Social Social Welfare Social Welfare
Public Administration Public Administration, Public Policy
Business Social Science Hotel and Tourism Management Hotel Management, Tourism & Leisure Management, Event Management, Food Business
Management Organization and Human Resource Management Production and Operation Management Quantitative Business Marketing Financial Management
Education Humanities Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education

□ Joint Courses
College Category Joint Major Courses Major Related majors and departments
Master Master+Doctorate Doctorate
Buddhist Culture Humanities Childhood Psychology Consulting Childhood Psychology Buddhist Childhood Care, Social Welfare, Nursing
Business Social Techno Management Management information Management, Information and Communication
Global Cooperative Business Global Business Management, Global Economics and Commerce