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Courses Screening Sections Remarks
Documents Language Proficiency Interview
Korean Language 100% - -
Undergraduate - 60% 40%
Graduate - 60% 40% College or Department Examination
1. Applicants will be orderly selected according to their total score on applied majors.
2. Any applicant may be disqualified regardless of his or her Admission Test Scores if he or she is being considered inadmissible to Dongguk University based on the results of paper screening or interviews.
3. Any applicant who is found ineligible for a visa based on Immigration Law shall be denied admission.
4. Any applicant who is under one of the following circumstances shall be denied admission and sent back home.
    1) If any submitted documents are falsified.
    2) If students do not agree to obey all the regulations of the university.
5. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the details are subject to the General Admission criteria of Dongguk University.
1. Any foreign students from all majors must have acquired the required level of Korean Language proficiency test (undergraduate - level 4, graduate - 5 level) before graduation (not included foreign students with english scores on admission).
2. Rules for refund of fee after admission shall be subject to the regulations and policy for refund of fee of Dongguk University.