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Courses Content Amount (won) Remarks
Korean Language Tuition Fees 2,200,000 One Semester (5Months)
Undergraduate Admission Fees 896,000 Exemption (100% Scholarship)
Tuition Fees Humanities/Social Science 3,469,000 One Semester
Natural Science/Physical Education 4,024,000
Engineering/Art 4,568,000
Graduate Admission Fees 1,047,000 One time on admission
Tuition Fees Humanities/Social Science 4,735,000 One Semester
Natural Science/Physical Education 5,494,000
Engineering/Art 6,255,000
※ Tuition fees are only for the 2017 First Academic Semester and fees will be newly announced before registration every semester.
※ The above Tuition fees do not include scholarships, which can vary from individual to individual according to the Scholarship Policy (30%~70%)
※ Admission fees for undergraduates are exempted for all [Students passed for D-TOPIK test of Dongguk University are excepted