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□ Introduction
This is a transfer system of students between Dongguk University and her foreign sister universities according to a mutual agreement of academic exchange. Students who are transferred under the above system are called “Visiting Transfer Students” and register for regular courses for one or two semesters (four semesters four those with double majors) in Dongguk University. Grades and credits that students earn at Dongguk University are credited to their home university.
□ Qualifications
- Those who already completed one semester or more at a foreign university.
- Those who can afford the financial burdens including registration fees and other living costs (Dormitory fees and personal expenses)
- Foreigners that are eligible for a visa.
□ Deadline
- Spring March) Semester: on 31 December Annually
- Fall (September) Semester : on 31 July Annually
□ Things to note
- Students must go back to their original uiversity to officially accept the credits earned at Dongguk University.
- Students do not need to pay any registration fees to Dongguk University during their transfer year. Instead, they have to make a payment to their home university.
- Students also are able to participate in all Dongguk University programs.
- Students also have a chance to register for the Korean Language Class designed for foreign students.
- Students can also participate in cultural exchange programs and orientations organized by the International Office.
- Dongguk University will send all academic transcripts to the home university after completing all courses at Dongguk University.
□ Inquiry
    E-mail : iiae@dongguk.ac.kr
    TEL. +82-54-770-2882(English or Other languages), 2883(English or Other languages)