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□ Dongguk Friends Program
- Time : Annually in March
- Matching between Korean and International students in order to improve language skills and adapt to Korean culture.
- Application : Sign up on U-DRIMS every time a new semester approach and it comes 2 times on March and September every year
- Period : One semester (16 weeks)
- Activities
  ∙ individually contact your partners and feel free to schedule a regular meeting as well as activities.
  ∙ do a variety of activities such as Korean Language Education, Cultural Experiences and Adjustments according to one’s personal schedule.
□ International Student Orientation Sessions
- Held every March and September during the corresponding semesters to welcome new International Students, and provide valuable information for their new university life and stay in Korea so that they feel like part of the university and are able to adapt to campus life in Korea.
□ Cultural Experiences
- Organize a variety of activities for culture experiences including visits to famous and historical sites in Korea, amusement parks, and plays.
- Schedule for Cultural Activities
  ∙ First Semester : Annually in May
  ∙ Second Semester : Annually in November
□ Hiking Day of Dongguk University
- Period : Annually in mid-April (Hiking day for the 4.19 Revolution Day)
- Hike Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju and enjoy lunch and cultural events outside near Samneung.
□ University Festival
- Period : Annually in mid-May.
- Run an international student tent to display and sell various international dishes.
□ International Student Athletics Competition
- Period : In the end of October every year
- Institute of International Affairs and Education organizes various physical activities including many sports and games, a variety of events are held in order to encourage mutual relationships and friendship between international students and improve physical fitness through cultural exchanges and sports.