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□ Obligation to report a change in residence
- In case of a change of residence, registered foreign students must report it to the head of the corresponding city, district and ward of their new residence or to the Immigration Office of their new residence or the local office within 14 days of the change in residence.
□ Reason to Report
- In case registered foreign students have his or her residence changed.
□ Place to Report
- City, District and ward of new residence or the Immigration Office of new residence or local office
□ Necessary documents for filing a change of residence report
- No. 34 Application Form with alternation of residence checked
- Passport and Alien Registered Card
- A certified document for residence (A lease contract with the applicant’s signature)
- Documents for presentation could be adjusted when they are considered necessary in the screening process.
□ Caution
- In the case of non-report within 14 days of the date of the residence change, the party is subject to a penalty of 1,000,000 won or less.