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□ Roll call and Door Opening and Closing
- Daily roll call or spot checks take place at 24:00.
- Students that are unable to participate in roll call must receive the approval of a senior guidance counselor or a guidance counselor. Anyone who fails to comply will be given a demerit points.
- Opening at 05:30 and Closing at 24:00
□ Sleeping outside
- Staying out overnights on weekdays shall be allowed with the approval from a senior guidance counselor or a guidance counselor.
- Students must file a report for sleeping out on weekends and holidays by writing in the book at the information booth; moreover, sleeping out without a report filed shall be deemed sleeping out without permission.
- Students can file a report for sleeping out any time before 21:00
□ Penalty Points: Accumulating 10 penalty points or more is subject to withdrawal from the dormitory.
Demerit Points Contents Remarks
10 Points
(Automatic Withdrawal)
1) Disgracing the founding philosophy of Dongguk University or conducting missionary work of another religion in the dormitory.
2) Not follow reasonable instructions of the staff members and guidance counselors of the dormitory.
3) One can be considered unsuitable for a group living situation due to misbehavior such as damaging to property, violence or burglary.
4) Forging or handing over dormitory card to others, changing rooms without permission, or exposing the password of the digital door lock.
5) Entering the room of the opposite sex without permission.
6) Leaving the dormitory after roll call without permission.
7) Those not receiving a medical check-up within a specified period are deemed to be disease carriers.
※ Force withdraw is subject to the judgement of disciplinary committee

※ Any behaviors of each provision shall be applied corresponding points

※ Provisions of joint responsibilities for more than one person could apply to all roommates.
7 points 1) Bringing alcohol or drinking in the dormitory.
5 points 1) Allowing outsiders to visit one’s room without permission (3 points or more).
2) Bringing flammables or dangerous objects (gas stove and stove etc.)
3) Smoking in the dormitory (The entire dormitory is smoke free!)
4) Having pets within the dormitory.
3 points 1) Sleeping outside without permission.
2) Not participating in roll call even when doors are not closed.
3) Doing laundry after roll call.
4) Taking furniture from public facilities such as the cafeteria and bathrooms (cups, spoon, plate, tissue etc)
5) Illegally using the dormitory phone with a collect call.
6) Using an electric heater such as a slow cooker, TV, refrigerator, electric pad, etc.)
7) Disturbing the public order such as using the lobby on the 1st floor after roll call.
2 points 1) Returning to the dormitory after closing the door.
2) Not cleaning one’s dormitory room.
3) Posting illegal material on the dormitory’s bulletin board.
1 points 1) Eating meals without the dormitory card (applied after 3 times)
□ Dormitory Contact
- 054-779-0119