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□ Eligible Party
- Students currently attending Dongguk University who hold a D-2 visa and receive the confirmation of an administrator in charge of foreign students.
- Application for work is possible 6 months after entry with a D-4-1 visa.
- Graduate students.
- Students with a GDP of 2.5 or above
□ Permitted limit
- 25 hours per week is permitted Monday to Friday
  ※ 30 hours per week is permitted for graduate students working on their thesis or dissertation. - Only two part-time jobs are permitted
- Working on public holidays, weekends and vacation days is NOT limited.
□ Necessary Documents
- Application Form
- Passport
- Alien Registration Card
- Certificate of Enrollment
- Academic Transcripts
- Recommendation Letter for part-time job of foreign students (Form, Confirmation of employer and administrator in charge of foreign students)
- Business Registration Certificate of Employer
- Copy of National Identification Card of Employer
□ Permitted part-time jobs
- Occupations which are closely related to the student’s major
- Occupations considered socially acceptable for the student.
- Activities such as salespersons in English Villages or English Camps, restaurant employees, or event staff (including other camps related to foreign languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.).
- Simple labor which is not listed as prohibited (Students must satisfy this each time they apply for a job).
□ Application Method
- Students must apply before starting their job at the international office or they can apply online at www.hikorea.go.kr