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□ Background
- Our purpose is to help alumni feel a profound sense of pride on our University overseas and eventually to recruit more international students through increasing the brand image of Dongguk University.
□ Purpose
- Attract more international students to Dongguk University through increasing the brand image.
- Help alumni feel a profound sense of pride and encourage more gifts.
□ Method
- Organize International Students Union through SNS
  1) Database of Contact details for Graduates: picture (files), local address, e-mail address etc.
  2) Deliver information on University events and encourage their participations.
  3) Improve interactions between students and reinforce mutual relationships.
  4) Lead a natural connection between the international students union and alumni association.
  5) Hold events for alumni association overseas (busienss trips, Study Abroad Education Exhibition etc)
  6) Publish and distribute alumni Magazine (newsletter): News of Dongguk University, Information for international alumni.
□ Chinese students Network (WeChat : 웨이신) : dugiiae
- Have about 200 active Chinese students on Wechat
- All kinds of announcements
- Students graduate are also active on Wechat
- Connects current Chinese students with alumni and hold regular gatherings
□ Vietnam Students Network (Facebook : 도안응억휴)
- Have about 100 active Vietnamese students on Facebook.
- A variety of information and announcements
- - Connects current Vietnamese students with alumni and hold regular gatherings
- Build the Vietnamese Networks through Facebook