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Different consultation services for life in Korea, studies, mental and emotional problems are available in the International Students Support Center. Don’t hesitate to come and consult with our ISCS when you have trouble in making friends or setting up your life goal as well as future career and we, ISCS, will put all of our efforts to help you with your problem.
□ Schedule for Consultation
Content Foreign Life, Academic issues, Visa information etc
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Process Visit and apply to ISCS(Phone call) → Fill out an applicatio form → Basic Consultation and Examination (Students Consultation Center)
Inquiry International Students Office : ☎ 054-770-2875 / Lee San Youn/ 3 floor, 100 Anniversary Building
Students Consultation Center : ☎ 770-2952 / WonhyoGwan 1층(남쪽)
Language in consultation Korean
□ Consultation Service
1. Individual Consultation Services (International Student Consultation Services)

- Information related to international students such as life, academic issues, visa and job-seeking and counselors who are fluent in Chinese, English and Japanese provide daily consultation services.

2. Collective Consultation

- Students who experience similar problems gather with professional consultants in order to discuss and share what problems each parties face so that students can form sympathy with each other and find solutions.

3. Mental Test (Student Consultation Center)

- Test is designed to acknowledge metal problems occurring in daily life which students cannot handle on their own
- Personality Test : Personality Test (MBTI) About 30 minutes
- Mental and Emotion Test : Sentence Completion Test(SCT) about 15 Minutes, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) about 60 minutes