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- Korean Language Teacher Certificate : The certificate of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism supported by the National Institute of Korean Language qualifies for teaching Korean to foreign leaners who do not use Korean as their first language, and for overseas Koreans.
- Korean Teacher Training Program : The program is designed to educate teachers who teach Korean and those who have completed the course are qualified to take Korean Langage Teacher Certification Test of Level 3.
- Career Field after completion of Training Program : University local or abroad and its affiliated Institution, Primary, Middle and High Schools, Government Institution local or abroad, multicultural family support center, Foreign migrant support center, Institution of social integration program, overseas Korean companies, private schools local or abroad, overseas Sejong Academy, Korean language Schools, Korean Culture Institutions, etc.
- Teachers in charge will provide individual guidance and field experience.
- Qualification : Koreans or Foreigners with high level of Korean proficiency who are interested in Korean Language Education.
- Class Schedule : Mon~Fri (5 days per week) 4 weeks
- Class hour : 09:00~17:00(6 hours per day)
- Numbers of Students : About 30 (The class will be cancelled under 10 students)
- Fees : 1,000,000 won ( Textbook is included)
- Tuition fee exemption : 20% off for students currently studying or taking a break from Dongguk University, alumnus, the immediate family of school personnel of Dongguk University, staff of medical center, 10% off for faculty at the multicultural family support center.
- Upon completion, students are qualified to take the test of Korean Language Teacher Certification
- Lecture on theory about Korean Linguistics, Teaching Method of Korean language and Korean culture
- Teachers in charge will provide individual guidance and field experience
- Field experience in teaching international students currently studying in Dongguk University
- Students with superior grades will be provided a chance to go abroad
- Certificate of Completion in the name of the President of Dongguk University is issued
- Total score for written test (30%), assignment (20%), practice lecture (50%) shall be 70 or above
- Students are not able to complete the course when they are absent 10% of the entire classes
- Application Method : Visit in person to the International Office on 3rd floor of 100 Anniversary Building at Dongguk University and submit documents or scan the documents and email to iiae@dongguk.ac.kr
- Documents to be submitted
  ∙ Application form, Self-introduction Letter, one photo
  ∙ Certificate of Graduation of the most recent Education or Certification of Enrollment (Certification of Temporary Absence)
  ∙ Certificate of Work Experiences (Relevant Students)