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Internationalization is spreading across all sectors of society.
Based on this premise, the university as an academic institution must play a core role in giving birth to global leader.
The Institute of International Affairs and Education and the Specialized Institution for International Affairs offer students updated information on foreign languages with intensive research in order to encourage the international competitiveness of Dongguk students. With the motto of “Internationalization of University Education”, and experts of different foreign languages developing an international education with exchanges and a variety of project,
we have continued to build up an education system which cultivates future-oriented and intelligent experts for actively coping with the dynamic trends of internationalization while generating international human resources equipped with academic and cultural knowledge by encouraging institutional interaction and exchange with foreign universities in order to develop a global mind-set in Dongguk University students.
We are currently taking a leading role in spreading the superiority of GyeongJu for her unique traditional history and culture,
and developing a community for foreigners by offering support and opportunities for participation and development in Education Programs of Traditional Korean Culture.

We are always here for you to help with your first step in the World.