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Dongguk University WISE obliges students to sign up for the National Health Insurance or equivalent level of international student insurance for the safety of international students. In general, foreign students automatically obtain to the National Health Insurance after entering the country, but language trainees are not eligible for the National Health Insurance for six months from the date of entry, so they must subscribe to a separate insurance

The National Health Insurance

  • Subject to subscription : Foreign students in the degree program, language training students 6 months after the date of entry
  • Premium : Approximately KRW 45,000/month

Time of subscription by status of residence

Status of residence When to join
Study abroad (D-2), elementary, middle and high schoolstudents (D-4-3) The first entry into the country Foreigner registration date
Re-entry Re-entry date
Generaltraining(D-4) other than elementary, middle, andhigh school students (D-4-3), Sign up 6 months after arrival date of entry
An overseas student and overseas Korean After entering the country, join the school on the day ofadmission (when submitting a certificate of enrollment)

Group insurance for international students

  • Students who study Korean Language Program are excluded from the National Health Insurance for the first six months after entering the country, so they should subscribe to the Group insurance separately.
  • Operation of the Multilingual (Korean, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese) website for foreign students (insurance information guidance, issuance of insurance subscription certificates, and receipt of insurance claim documents)
  • Kakao Talk 1:1 real-time counseling support
  • Insurance claims and insurance premium payments are carried out directly by the student with the insurance company

How to claim insurance money

After treatment at the hospital, pay the hospital fee first and submit the insurance claim documents to the insurance company. (For more information, Kakao Talk ID: CLAIMS Add a friend and ask in Korean and Chinese /contact ID: INSCLAIM in English)
Common documents An insurance claim Download Home Page(My application details > Bill download onthe website)
Consent to use personal information
A copy of the alien registration card
A copy of one's bankbook
Inpatient treatment(including surgery) Admission and discharge confirmation
A receipt for hospital treatment Card Receipt Not Available
Medical expenses detailed statement
A surgical confirmation At the time of surgery
Outpatient treatment A receipt for hospital treatment Card Receipt Not Available
Medical expenses detailed statement
A medical record Choose one out of fourThe disease name or disease code must bewritten
Outpatient confirmation
Medical chart
A letter of opinion
Prescription therapy A prescription
A pharmacy receipt Card Receipt Not Available