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Global Field Study



A short-term overseas visiting program in which advisors and students jointly participate to develop the in-depth study of their major during the vacation to evaluate their knowledge acquired through overseas field study and research after pre-study related to major studies on campus.

Operational direction


  • Understanding the actual facts of the theory learned through overseas activities related to the major
  • Provide opportunities for preemptive experience for global employment
  • Improving their major skills through joint participation of advisor and student teams
  • Developing practical global mind and advanced skills related to the major


Topics that allow us to view the problems being faced by our country and can present our vision for the future through a specific visit and research activities related to our major


Government agencies, local governments, research institutes, universities, enterprises, social organizations, etc. in each country with the world's best know-how and capabilities in one’s field.

Outbound period

  • 1~2 weeks during vacation

Selection Period

  • March~April or September ~October every year

Student Support

  • Airfare and accommodation

2019 Program

University Undergraduate (department)/Major Guidance teacher Program Partner Country Note
College of Buddhist studies and culture Faculty of Buddhism Soek Gil Am Field study and field trip to Bodhgaya Global Retreat College of Inida India Operating
College of Humanities Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Global Language and Literature. Kang Jong Im SamGoChina-First Step China Currently not operating due to Covid-19
College of Commerce and Business Administration Department of Business Administration Lee Yoo Kyung Understanding China's IT Industry to foster business experts in China Chona Currently not operating due to Covid-19
Department of Global Economics and Trade Yoo Seung Kyun Global Merchant Italy Operating
Department of Hotel Tourism and Food Management Kim Young-joong Specialized menu product planning course Taiwan Currently not operating due to Covid-19