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Part Time Job

  • Profit making international students status and employment activities of are prohibited, but part-time work permits are allowed only if they have been granted in advance..
  • Normally, students are allowed to work part-time activities (simple labor, etc.), excluding specialized fields.
  • Punishment in accordance with Article 18 of the Act for not obtaining permission for part-time employment in advance or illegally getting a job
The screening and fines for part-time employment of foreign students have been greatly strengthened, so please make sure to report and permit them according to the set procedures. (Visit, consult and Sumbit Application at International exchange team)

Permission procedure

Writing Recruitment Contract Writing Part-time Employment Confirmation Form Register Permission, no permission
Employment contract between two parties (Standard Labor Agreement, hourly description) Visit the International Exchange Team after bringing the contract Online or Visit Attaching authorization stickers or print online permits


  • A person who has a certain level of Korean language ability, is dedicated to his or her study and is confirmed by a person in charge of international studies at a university.
  • For Korean language students, he/she should have passed six months since the arrival in Korea

Permit time

Course Program Academic Year Korean Language ability Start time Permit Time
Week days Weekend/vacation
Language Program Irrelevant Level 2 × After 6 months 10 Hours
After 6 months 20 Hours
Undergraduate 1st ~ 2nd Year Level 3 × After 6 months 10 Hours
After 6 months 20 Hours Unlimited
3rd ~ 4th Year Level 4 × After 6 months 10 Hours
After 6 months 20 Hours Unlimited
Graduate Irrelevant Level 4 × After 6 months 15 Hours
After 6 months 30 Hours Unlimited

Required Documents

  • Passport, alien registration card, application form
  • Copy of standard work contract (submit to the International Exchange Team)
  • Confirmation of compliance with the requirements for part-time employment of foreign students
    • (in the case of a manufacturing complex on the business registration certificate, written by the employer)
  • TOPIK certificate
  • Copy of business license
  • Part-time employment confirmation of foreign students (International Exchange Team)
  • Transcription or attendance certificate

Permission condition

  • Within one year period of stay, the place is limited to two (the date on which the employment activity is permitted and the status of residence permitted in the passport)
  • If an employer changes his or her place of employment during the period of permission, he or she must report the change within 15 days.
  • If you get a job without permission, you must pay a penalty and limit your permission for part-time employment for one year for the first time. you will be forced to leave the company for the second time.
  • In case of violation of the conditions of permission, part-time work permit is restricted for the next 1 year on the first caught, part-time work is not permitted during the study abroad period on the second caught, and student visa will canceled on the third caught