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Application Methods

This is to inform you of the admission procedure for foreign students and the principles of the evaluations for the admission.

Application Method

Course Evaluation Method Note
Document Screening Language Proficiency Interview
Korean Langauge 60% - 40%
Undergraduate - 60% 40%
Graduate 20% 60% 20% Department Screening

Principles and rules for selection

  • Applicants will be orderly selected according to their total score on applied majors.
  • Applicants whose supporting documents and interview process is deemed infeasible by the admission commitee will be promptly disqualified for the admission process with no relation to their admission test score.
  • Any applicant who is found ineligible for a visa based on Immigration Law shall be denied admission.
  • If you fall under the following conditions, the acceptance to the admission may be denied and may have send back home.
    • If the submitted documents found to be falsified
    • If you have acted in violation of our university regulations, school rules, and guidelines for international student management.
  • Other unspecified matters are in accordance with our university's general admissions criteria.

Important Notes for All applicants

  • All international students must complete their degree program and obtain a Korean Language Proficiency Test (TOPIK) standard (undergraduate level 4 and graduate level 5) before graduation. (not applicaple for foreign students with English score on admission)
  • Refunds after admission shall be subject to our university's refund policy.