Office of International Affairs and Education

The Office of International Affairs and Education will be with you on your first step towards the world


Welcome to the home page of the international exchange office of Dongguk University WISE Campus.
We already live in an era of globalization, unlimited to religion, politics, society, culture, economy, environment, etc.

Taking great pride in 114 years of history and tradition, our University is focusing on higher education capabilities to nurture true global talents contributing to human society based on the Buddhist spirit. In particular, it is located in Gyeongju, Korea's 3rd largest international tourism city where history, culture and cutting-edge high-tech science coexist, and has geographical strengths adjacent to the 4 high-tech industrial cities (Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, and Pohang) within one hour, providing the optimal conditions to characterize globalization.

The Office of International Affairs is a department dedicated to international work of the campus, expanding the universal globalization of all areas of the university, and at the same time establishing internationalization strategy unique to our university. Moreover, in order to strengthen the global competitiveness of students, the latest information on foreign language education as a whole is researched, analyzed, and provided to students, and experts in each language area are planning and conducting various projects on international education and exchange in general.

In addition, by promoting international exchanges with overseas universities, we foster international minds of university faculties and working constantly towards fostering future-oriented professionals and global human resources combine with academic development and cultural knowledge, who can actively respond to and participate in the global trend in the society.

In addition, we are attracting various international foreign students and we are spreading the spirit and value of Buddhist culture throughout the world along with our university’s excellent education environment and system. Especially, we are helping the development of the local foreign community by educating and providing space to experience Korean traditional culture for the local foreigners.

Your first step toward the world be accompanied by the International Exchange office.
Lee, You-Kyung Ph.D.
Dean of International Affairs Office,
Dongguk University WISE Campus.