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Oversea Internship



Job field training and industrial-exchange programs to acquire local language, culture, and practical experience by being dispatched to overseas businesses, research institutes, and tourism centers


Section Designation Content Participation form
Off campus Country Government Department, Local Government, etc Individual participation
On Campus Head Office International Exchange Team Program School selection
Department Major-Based Program Major selection
Other Overseas Field Training Committee Recognition Program Other Selection

Target Company

Official business registries of each country

Selection period

Designation Semester based system Seasonal system
Mar Sep Summer Vacation Winter vacation
Announcement Oct Apr Mar Sep
Application and Selection Nov May Apr Oct
Outbound Mar Sep Jul~Aug Jan~Feb

Qualification for application

  • Students enrolled in 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade
  • Those who is compatible with the qualifications of the training institution
  • Those who are graduates to be cannot apply for field trips in the last semester


Tuition fee waiver scholarship

Credit Acknowledgement

  • Acknowledgement period: Up to 6 months during enrollment
  • Acknowledgement scale: Up to 21 credits (15 credits specialized in major) during enrollment.
    • Should be within the maximum enrollment credit for each semester.
    • Less than 6 credits during vacation (including summer/winters semester subjects)
  • Minimum working hours
    • Semester System: more than 12 weeks
    • Seasonal system: more than 160 hours per 4 weeks, 160 hours per 4 week is based on 3 credits, 1 credit for 54 hours or more
  • Acknowledgement credit : Overseas Internship (P/F)
  • Selection of major courses and free elective courses