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Oversea Dual Degree Program


Overview of Dual Degree Program

The Dual Degree Program is offered to the students who wish to acquire 2 degrees by attending at 2 universities for more than 4 semesters each in accordance to the general agreement between Dongguk University and an oversea sister university.

Oversea Universities Operating Dual Degree Program

Country Oversea University Department(Major) Tuition Fee
America South Dakota University Department of Computer Science Pay 10% to Dongguk University
Pay 100% to partner university
Japan Mejiro University Department of Japanese Language Literature Pay 100% to Dongguk University
Exemption to Partner University
Taiwan National Kaohsiung Normal University Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Department of Sports Science Pay 100% to Dongguk University
Exemption to partner university


  • 4 semesters (5 to 8 semesters after completing the sophomore course)
  • Extension is possible if both universities fail to meet graduation requirements

Selection period

  • March ~April or September ~October every year
  • Selection of Oversea exchange student takes place simultaneously


  • Those who have completed at least four semesters and have met at least 1/2 of their major (including students on leave)
  • Those who achieved more than GPA 3.0 or earned 15 credits or more per semester. (Those who are unfulfilled may apply, but must meet the above requirements immediately before dispatch)
  • Those who do not have a reason to disqualify for overseas travel
Not Supported
  • Participants who are in other exchange programs during the regular semester
  • International students and exchange students


  • Tuition fee waiver and Tuition fee reduction scholarship
  • Conditions may vary based on the time of outbound, Outbound country and applicant’s university


Process Schedule Note
1st semester 2nd semester
Application notice Mar~Apr Sep~Oct Dongguk Homepage
Presentation Apr Oct
Application Apr~May Oct~Nov U-DRIMS
Interview Screening May Nov
Selection of successful candidate May Nov
Orientation Jun Dec Pre-Traning
Oversea outbound Sep Mar Field Study(4 semesters)
Graduation assesment Final Semester
Request for credit and degree recognition International Exchange and Cooperation→ College(Department)→ Academic Affair Office

Requirements for dual degree

  • Minimun Enrollment period: 4 semester at our university and 4 semester at partner university
  • Thesis for graduation: exemption
  • Requirements for graduation of foreign language proficiency: Exemption
  • Requirement for the completion of mandatory courses for the employment (Presentation and communication, problem solving and interpersonal relationship): Exemption
Dongguk University
  • Total credit acquisition: Total credit earned from our university and the oversea university will be added
  • Major credit: meet the criteria for completion of majors belonging to our university
  • Liberal art credits: meet the criteria for the completion of liberal arts credit requirement in departments (majors) belonging to our university.
Partner University Meets the criteria for obtaining a major degree from a partner university
Graduation ceremony
  • Award from our university after obtaining a degree from partner university
  • If the credits earned at our university and partner university after final grade confirmation for the last semester reach both university's graduation standards, it is considered that they met the requirements for graduation.