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Recruitment Measures


Korean Language Course (Language Training Course)

This is to inform you of the TOPIK level and guidelines for the application of Korean language courses.
Level Grade Korean language Proficiency
[Beginner level] 1st Grade
  • Use of basic commands of Korean for survival, such as greeting, purchasing, ordering, etc. Expressing and understanding oneself in simple everyday conversation by making simple sentences from 800 basic words.
2nd Grade
  • Discussion of familiar topics employing a vocabulary of about 1,500∼2,000 words. Distinguishing correctly between formal and informal situations.
[Intermediate level] 3rd Grade
  • Carrying out transactions with people in public spaces and maintaining social relationships. Understanding the correct usage of words and speech. Command of fundamental characteristics of Korean.
4th Grade
  • Comprehension of news articles, general social issues and abstract topics with accuracy and fluency. Comprehension of Korean social and cultural contents relying on essential idioms and understanding of representative aspects of Korean culture.
[Advanced Level] 5th Grade
  • High fluency in using the Korean language in professional research or work. Understanding and discussing less unfamiliar topics in politics, economics and other fields. Usage of appropriate expressions, distinguishing formal and informal, written and spoken, by context.
6th Grade
  • Absolutely fluent in the Korean language for professional research or work, Capacity to understand and express oneself without problem, although without the full fluency of a native speaker.

Degree Course

This is to inform you of recruitment measure of Under-graduate course(Freshman/Transfer) and Graduate course(Programs Offered for Master’s/ PhD. Degree)

Under-Graduate Course


College Under graduate (Department)
College of Buddhist Studies and Culture Department of Buddhist Studies Major in Buddhist Studies
Major in Buddhist Culture and Contents
Department of Meditation Psychological Counseling
College of Humanities Department of Web Culture and Arts
Department of Human Contents Major in Korean History
Major in Archaeology and Art History
Department of Global Language and Literature Major in English Language and Literature
Major in Japanese Language and Literature
Major in Chinese Language and Literature
Department of Design and Arts
Department of Health
and Sport Science
Major in Sport Science
Major in Sports Medicine
College of Science and Technology Department of Biopharmaceutical Engineering
Department of Creative Convergence Engineering Major in Electronics, Information and Communication Engineering
Major in Energy and Electrical Engineering
Major in Mechanical System Engineering
Department of Smart Safety Engineering Major in Safety and Health
Major in Fire and Disaster Prevention
Department of Computer Engineering
Department of Landscape Architecture and Garden Design
Major in Landscape Architecture
Major in Garden Design
Department of Nuclear Engineering
College of Social Science Department of Public Affairs and Police Administration
Major in Public Affairs
Major in Police Administration
Department of Social Welfare
Department of Child and Youth Education
College of Management and Economics Department of Business Administration Major in Business Administration
Major in Accounting and Taxation
Major in Information Management
Department of International Trade and Aviation Services
Department of Hotel, Tourism, and Foodservice Management
Major in Hotel and Tourism Management
Major in Culinary and Foodservice Management
College of Education Department of Early Childhood Education
Department of Home Economics Education
Department of Mathematics Education
College of Nursing Department of Nursing
Department of Health Information
Department of Medical Beauty Care
College of Korean Medicine Department of pre-Korean Medicine
Department of Korean Medicine
College of Medicine Department of Premedicine
Department of Medicine
PARAMITA College Open Major

Graduate Course

Programs Offered for Master’s/ PhD. Degree

College Category Department Degree offered Majors
Master PhD. MAster’s PhD Integrated
Buddhist Studies Humanities Buddhist Studies Buddhist Theory, Buddhist History, Applied Buddhism, Seon Buddhism, Applied Seon Buddhism
Liberal Arts Humanities Korean Language and Literature   Korean Linguistics, Modern Korean Literature, Classical Korean Literature, Korean Language Education as a Foreign Language
Chinese Traditional character     Korea. Chinese Traditional character Major
History     Korean History, Oriental History, Western History
Archeology and Art history Archeology and Art history major
Arts Art     Buddhist art, Korean painting, Western painting, visual design, cultural sculpture design
Science and Technology Science Advance Materials Chemistry   Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry
Statistics     Statistics
Life Science   Microbiology, Plant Physiology, Molecular Microbiology, Cell Biology, Pharmacology
Landscape Architecture     Planning and Design, Design and Construction, Plant and Plant Design, Urban Landscape and Landscape Evaluation
  Planning and Design, Design and Construction, Plant and Plant Design, Urban Landscape and Landscape Evaluation, Computer Landscape Design and Geographic Information System
Biotechnology     Biochemistry, Molecular Microbiology, Molecular cell Biology, Applied Microbiology, Molecular Mechanics, Molecular Pharmacology
Engineering Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
Safety Engineering   Safety Engineering
Information and Communication Engineering   Information and Communication
Nuclear & Energy System Engineering   Energy Conversion, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power, Accelerator
Social Studies Humanities Social Welfare   Social Welfare
Public Administration   Public Administration, Political Science
Social Science Humanities Business Administration     Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Management Measurement, Management Information, Marketing, Financial Management
Hotel and Tourism Management Hotel Management, Tourism and Leisure Management, Event Management, Restaurant Management
사범 Humanities Early Childhood Education   Early Childhood Education

Interdisciplinary Programs

College Category Interdisciplinary Course name Degree offered Majors Related Departments
Master PhD. Master’s PhD Integrated
Buddhist Studies Humanities Department of Child and Youth Psychological Counseling Child and Youth Psychological Counseling Department of Buddhistic Child Care and Education, Deprtment of Social Welfare, Department of Nursing
Business Humanities Department of Techno Management Interdisciplinary   Management Information, Information Technology Information Management, Management, Information and Communication Engineering
Department of Global Business Interdisciplinary   Global Business Economics, International Trade, Business management, Accounting, Information management