Office of International Affairs and Education

The Office of International Affairs and Education will be with you on your first step towards the world


We provide various support for the outgoing student in career and employment by setting s setting career related courses, participating in international student recruitment fairs, operating job camps, career counseling at employment support centers, and on-site training in Korea.

Linked Career courses

Course Maind Content Year Remark
Self-development and Future Plan Full plan for the 4 year terms of University life 1st year Common for all Freshers
Course Related Job Exploring the careers of the major and related area 2nd Year Offered by each Major
Job Seminar Course related Practical training for Job Preparation. 3rd ~ 4th year Offered by each Major

Job Fair

  • Participation in a domestic company recruitment fair for foreign students staying in Korea hosted by the National Institute of International Education and the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Pre-registration and interview
  • Recruitment counseling with participating company personnel managers, etc

Employment camp

  • Education camp for outgoing international students for 2 nights and 1 night
  • Education on job understanding, job applications writing, and interviews of domestic company

Career counseling

  • Career counseling for foreign students through counselors at the Campus Job Creating Center under the Ministry of Employment and Labor in our university
  • Foreign students who wish to work in Korea are recommend a job linked to an industry-academic cooperation visiting professor and an adjunct professor

On-site training

  • Operating on-site training tailored to foreign students by linking with 450 Dongguk University WISE Campus family companies
  • Providing opportunities for career exploration through participation in domestic company field training for international students who wish to work in Korea