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Oversea Volunteering



Global talent sharing and international development cooperation programs, such as education, culture and service, aimed at developing and developing countries in order to foster students' self-development and service spirit, and to promote internationalization mind and character.

Countries for Volunteering

Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Sri Lanka, etc.

Main activities

Section Content
Education Volunteer After school instruction at the elementary school, study room operation, club instruction, etc.
Labour Volunteer Library mural work, helping farm work, fence construction and clean environment , etc
Other Sports day, talent show, etc

Volunteer period

1~2 weeks during vacation (summer vacation and winter vacation)

Student benefit

  • Granting a completion of volunteer certificate, 1credit for overseas volunteer activities
  • Participation fee is support

Selection period

April or October every year

Qualification for application

  • A student who is diligent and has a strong spirit of volunteer work.
  • Those who have 33 or more hours of service in the UDRIMS Service Confirmation
  • Those who do not have any problems with the academic and graduation schedule
  • Those who do not have a reason to disqualify for overseas travel